Monday, 29 August 2011

NFC – What is it and how will it help you?

NFC or Near Field Communication sprang from the idea that Sony and NXP dreamt up, which allows two devices (with an embedded chip) to transmit data between each other, when they are in close proximity.  Sounds very much like RFID or Bluetooth, you’re saying? NFC is based on the same technology as RFID, using a similar type of chip but takes it to another level using some computing power. Typically a mobile phone or some sort of hardware and software. 

The possible uses of NFC technology are endless, payments being one example. Imagine replacing all your cards in your wallet, your ID document, driver’s license, gym card, loyalty cards, well even your wallet. Sharing files, unlocking your hotel room door, store coupons, gift cards, airtime … Sounds exciting when you think about the possibilities.

Although NFC tech has been around for a few years the uptake has been slow, due to many factors but expect to see an expansion in the near future when more mobile manufactures start to include NFC chips in their devices.There is a rumor that the IPhone 6 will have NFC capabilities.There are a few questions of course, like with any new technology – security for one and hardware and software malfunction being two of the major concerns, however as the technology evolves these issues will surely be resolved. Personally I'm looking forward to the day I can go to cinema, buy my ticket, pay for popcorn,coke and parking all with the swipe of my phone.

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